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Smg transmission rebuild

Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs.

To see how frequently BMW Z4 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All years. BMW Z4 repairs by problem area. BMW Z4 transmission repair cost distribution. See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs? Chart based on 35 repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance. Also a leak on the seal for the transmission pan.

Covered under the CPO warranty. Took dealer over a week to diagnos. Repair took several weeks. Out of warranty by years, not mileage. BMW shared half cost of repair. Couldn't trust car after this. Traded it in. After much deliberation, they think it was megatonics unit. Very distressing with such low mileage. Replicated problem with shop foreman. After 8 days in the shop they told me that BMW now approve replacing drivetrain.

Problem was grinding when shifting at high engine speeds from 1st to 2nd gear, synchronizer malfunction. Successfully epaired under OEM warranty.

BMW SMG E46-M3 Hydraulic Pump Motor Repair

Replaced trans filter and gaskets refilled topped off. Driveshaft had to be dropped to allow lubrication of coupling. Completed inspection II. Audible clunking coming from differential area.The hydraulic pump often fails resulting in a costly repair.

If this happens to a car you own it often make sense to convert the car to a manual rather than fix the SMG unit.

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Since the SMG transmission and the 6 speed transmission are internally identical all that is required to physically do this swap is to modify the bellhousing on the SMG transmission. This modification adds in the shift detents so the driver can feel where the gears are.

Since the SMG is shifted by the computer these detents were not necessary in the manual gearbox. Machining the bell housing accurately is critical so that the driver can easily find the gears. If the machine work is not precise then the driver can have trouble finding gears as the gates will not be in the correct location.


For race cars it is also possible to swap the 6 speed transmission to a less expensive and rebuildable 5 speed transmission. Coupled with a 3. Overall the cost tends to be about the same as the 6 speed conversion but the 5 speed also has a considerable weight advantage compared to the 6 speed. This swap also requires the installation of a clutch pedal, master cylinder, and slave cylinder into the car.

In addition, the transmission tunnel must be opened up to allow the shifter to be installed. A shifter bushing carrier also has to be installed into the car if a factory style shifter is to be used. Since the transmission will be removed this is also the perfect time to change out that worn out clutch and flywheel.

In order for cruise control, PDCand the reverse light to function the car must be wired and re-coded as a manual car. The clutch switch and brake switch must be installed and wired appropriately to retain the function of a true manual transmission E46 M3. We also have a special tune for the SMG to Manual conversion, developed by Frank Smith, that adjusts the idle to the correct level and can be coupled with a performance tune upon request.

You asked, we delivered! While we love tackling this project for our clients, we know that is not always an option because of time and distance. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions — otherwise, check it out on our store page. I have a E46 i, with an automatic transmission.

I also have a ZHP E46 i, 6 speed manual transmission, doner car.

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How many hours of work am I looking at to do the swap? Any ideas. Hi my shop recently had you all do the machine work on an smg bell housing. Thank you for the excellent workmanship, and quick turn around. The transmission now shifts perfectly, and the car is fun to drive again. Our customer was wanting to get the cruse control working now.

Hey Peter — thank you so much. Hey Howard, thank you for reaching out.Most Specialists including dealers neglect the SMG transmission until its too late.

BMW E63 M6 SMG Clutch \u0026 Flywheel replacement at Redish Motorsport

Yet a little maintenance can prevent a multitude of problems. Dragon Automotive specialise in repairing SMG transmissions and have formulated a cheap but effective servicing routine to help prevent expensive failures. We want to keep your running costs as low as possible and help you avoid unplanned repairs. We believe in preventative maintenance.

The electronics and hydraulics on an SMG system are based on those of a Ferrari F1 or Maserati DuoSelect system from Magneti Marelli we've actually repaired a lot of these toothe difference is that Maserati and Ferrari include servicing the hydraulics more often as part of their standard service plans.

We replace the Hydraulic fluid with an uprated fluid that's used by Ferrari to prolong seal life. We clean and lubricate the clutch actuator to prevent the need for excessive pressure from the pump i. On higher mileage vehicles we offer an option to clean the motor bushes, removing dust and carbon. To prolong the life of the transmission itself we replace the gearbox oil with Quality Shell, Mobil or Castrol Lubricants.

Our focus is you, the customer, we aim to deliver better than dealer service levels, better than dealer capabilities and above all else a much better price. Even if you have a service plan we guarantee we can offer a better price on essentials like tyres and brakes.

Engines Gearboxes Clutches. Remapping What is Remapping? Visit our Gearbox Faults Page. Uprated Hydraulic Fluid We replace the Hydraulic fluid with an uprated fluid that's used by Ferrari to prolong seal life.

Actuator Lubrication We clean and lubricate the clutch actuator to prevent the need for excessive pressure from the pump i. Motor Bush Cleaning On higher mileage vehicles we offer an option to clean the motor bushes, removing dust and carbon. Does your SMG gearbox have changing or shifting issues? Do you have a Cog displayed on the dash? Does the car get stuck in Neutral?

smg transmission rebuild

Facebook Twitter Tumblr Instragram. All Rights Reserved.Through countless repairs and a refreshing approach to the problems the SMG system can present, Burkhart has since developed a range of rebuild kits and upgrades to make SMG ownership a worry-free experience. The Burkhart Engineering SMG Hydraulic Pump Repair Kit can not only repair your pump, but also improves it to be ready for high temperature track use, traffic jams and hot summer weather.

In most cases this is caused by a worn electric motor, which drives the hydraulic pump in the SMG unit. Further the gap leakage in the hydraulic system increase massively during high temperatures. The old motor can be replaced by the new one as a plug and play swap. The replacement motor is equipped with the required pins and seals and can be directly installed with the original wiring loom. This Repair Kit only works if the rest of the hydraulic unit is functional.

The accumulator for example needs a defined preload pressure.

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Should this not be the case, the accumulator has to be replaced, too. SMG pump problems often trigger the following fault codes: 53 0x35 low level of pressure reached HE 55 0x37 switching-on frequency of hydraulic unit 56 0x38 switching-on time of hydraulic unit 57 0x39 misuse of hydraulic unit In most cases this is caused by a worn electric motor, which drives the hydraulic pump in the SMG unit.

The removal and installation is described in the following video: This Repair Kit only works if the rest of the hydraulic unit is functional.Sort By Select.

Our BMW transmission and transmission parts include everything from street and race-use transmission mounts to refurbished stock BMW and race-prepared transmissions. Call us at Transmission Mount, Rein - E36, E Reverse Light Switch - Manual Transmissions - Rogue Engineering Transmission Mounts.

smg transmission rebuild

E30 M3 Upgraded Transmission Mounts. E30 Upgraded Transmission Mounts. Transmission Mount - Transmission Oil Cooler - Transmission Mount - - E30 Automatic.

Automatic Transmission Filter Kit - i i xi X3 3. What customers are saying I am extremely pleased with this order. The price was competitive and your expedited delivery charge was surprisingly low.

I needed the part fast and you exceeded my expectations. I especially appreciate your gentleman who over the phone ensured me that the part was indeed in stock and would be shipped immediately.

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Your technical expertise on even the minute details of building race cars is really impressive, and some I value greatly I just can't express enough how impressed I am with you guys.

Thanks so much for the great service from start to finish, and always done with a smile and as professional as possible. Our particular interaction has extended over many months and never have I felt that I wasn't getting first-class service I just wanted to say what positive experiences I've had over the past few weeks.Fits your Change Vehicle.

Change Vehicle. Sorry, I don't understand this YouTube link. Video successfully uploaded. Your video will appear once it is approved. Add Another Video. My Account Sign In. BMW 2 Series. BMW 3 Series. BMW 4 Series. BMW 5 Series. BMW 6 Series. BMW 7 Series. BMW 8 Series. BMW Classics. BMW X Series. BMW Z Series. BMW i Series. It helps to maintain pressure in the system for proper shifting. A faulty unit can cause delays in shifting or a failure to engage any gears.

Genuine BMW. T : Part : Part : Checking Vehicle Fitment Ships in Days. Add to Cart.

BMW SMG PUMP REPAIR : M3/M5/M6 SMG and SSG. Exchange and Repair.

Add to Wish List. All warranties, product application, fitment, and performance are the responsibility of Turner Motorsport. For additional information see the terms of use. Selected Options. Create Account. Enter your email address below and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.

Please try again or Reset Your Password. Too many invalid login attempts, contact Turner Motorsport Customer Support. Login Recover Password Cancel Recovery. Add Cancel.Details of the key features, common faults, vehicles that this part is found on and part numbers are shown below. These lists are being updated all the time, so if you cannot find your fault, vehicle or part number listed below in the product description then please give us a call as we will still be able to help.

This is far more than just a motor replacement and involves the re manufacture and testing of the entire unit. We have detailed the key features, common faults, compatible vehicles and part numbers below. These lists are being updated all the time, so if you cannot find your fault, vehicle or part number then please get in contact as we may still be able to help. This is an affordable and eco-friendly solution, so let us help you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Please make sure this listing corresponds to your vehicle, otherwise check out our other listings. The M5 and M6 Getrag units are a similar setup, albeit in two units, linked hydraulically.

Genuine BMW Smg Hydraulic Pump - E60 M5, E63 M6

We can arrange UPS to collect your unit the following working day. All you have to do is pack it safely in an unmarked box and the UPS driver will have the label. See our terms and conditions for more information. The above image is for illustration purposes only. For our full Terms and Conditions, please click here. ActuatorsTransmission Controllers. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Previous Product. Exchange and Repair.

smg transmission rebuild

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